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Milwaukee Airport Shuttle Service Need a ride somewhere in the Milwaukee area? Airport Service Inc. has you covered!
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Choosing the Best Milwaukee Taxi Company

On Time, Door to Door Taxi Service

Airport Service, Inc. is your best bet for reliable, door-to-door transportation anywhere, any time. You have a lot of choices when selecting a cab or shuttle service in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Taxi Companies: Airport Shuttle Services:
Yellow Cab
American United Taxi
A-A-T Cab Company
Best Cab—Waukesha
Lake Country Cares Cab
Waukesha Cab
Ortiz Taxi & Transportation Services
Airport Towncar Express
Airport & Beyond LLC
Airline Car Service
AAA Airport Express & Taxi

But if you’ve ever tried to reserve a cab in Milwaukee, you know how difficult it is to find a safe and timely ride on short notice. Call for a cab this weekend and you’ll probably get a busy signal or be put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. You may not even get the comfort of elevator music letting you know the call is still connected. If they do answer, you could probably walk to your destination before the ETA they give you, assuming they even show up. Airport Service Inc. always picks up and handles your call promptly.

Quick Dispatch and Fast Pick Up Times Get You Out of a Pinch

Milwaukee Best Taxi CompanyThings don’t always go as planned. Maybe your flight into MKE was delayed and now you need a ride home at 2:00am. A double encore made your concert end at midnight and all the local taxi companies are booked. Perhaps you got separated from the rest of the bachelor party and now you need a ride to the next club. No matter what happened, don’t worry. Airport Service, Inc. has you covered. We are ready and eager to provide your transportation needs 24/7. Just give us a ring and we’ll be right over to take you where you need to go.

Need Transportation to the Airport? Choose a Ride You Can Depend On

Many taxi company dispatchers overbook drivers because they assume a certain percentage of people will cancel or not answer when the cab finally arrives. Airport Service, Inc. doesn’t give false hopes. When we say we’ll be there by a certain time, we mean it.

Other transportation services charge extra fees per bag or bill you on how long the trip takes, as if it’s your fault they caught all the red lights. Airport Service, Inc. provides all our services for a flat rate. Extra bags and oddly shaped items (like skis, a half-dozen bowling balls and surfboards) are all included in the flat rate. We’ll never charge you extra for the novelty or amount of stuff you travel with. You and your luggage need to get somewhere. We make it happen. On time. Every time.

From A to B: with C, D, and E in Between

Whether you’re travelling alone or need to pick up friends before arriving at your destination, Airport Service, Inc. has you covered. Just let us know everywhere you need to go and we’ll pick the best route to get you there. A complicated route might lead to confusion with other taxi companies, but the drivers at Airport Service, Inc. all speak English as their first language, guaranteeing effective communication about your pickup and drop-off points. Our drivers are always happy to suggest activities to do and places to go while you stay in Milwaukee. Plus, when construction grinds freeway traffic to a halt, our drivers’ extensive knowledge of the area you’ll traveling in frees them up to take alternate routes.

Contact Milwaukee’s best taxi service, Airport Service Inc, to schedule a shuttle to the airport.

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